HDD Services

Feasibility Studies
  • HDD is often contemplated to avoid sensitive areas, but are the soils amenable, will the profile fit your hopes, and is HDD cost competitive? TEC will review the site and available background materials to produce a preliminary design and cost estimate. HDD can also be compared to alternate methods of construction.
  • Regulators require a comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and other information. TEC can assist in preparation of Regulatory Filings and provide input on appropriate construction methods and the resulting Environmental Impact. Proactive presentations are available for permitting authorities and local ROW meetings.
Site Survey & Geotechnical Analysis
  • TEC can work with local firms for detailed route surveys and identification of underground utilities. An appropriate geotechnical investigation can be coordinated with local contractors
Design or Design Review
  • Once all information is available, TEC can provide detailed design of the alignment and profile. Designs are based on optimum constructability and minimal environmental impact. Pipe specifications are prepared according to calculated construction stresses. TEC can also review and validate existing designs
Contractor Selection
  • TEC will provide detailed specifications for construction and materials which is part of the tender package. Prequalification of bidders and client representation throughout the tender process can also be provided.
Construction Monitoring
  • TEC can follow the project into the field by providing specialized monitoring of HDD activities. As part of the Quality process, progress reports and review of contemporaneous construction records will ensure that the work is in compliance with the specifications and permits. This applies to sensitive issues such as bore hole curvature and drill fluid disposal.